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New Members

We currently have three new members working for us.  We can't wait to see you doing your best!  Congrats Shawn, Michael and Angela!!

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Visit our inventory page and check out our new inventory.  We pride ourselves on an easily navigated home page.  This is the third one yet

Ask us how we can sell your car!

We offer great consignment rates.

There is no minimum value on what we accept.  We will sit down with you and explain how it works and how you can have your car sold for less than $250.  And you dona have to take calls, show the car.  That's where we come in.

AJG Auto Sales, LLC, Aaron

Purchase a Warranty for your Car!

Warranties? We'll show you how!


Most of the time, auto warranties are pretty reasonably priced. I will help you find a good warranty for your car, and help you buy it. I do this as a free service for all my customers and do not charge a profit. This is simply to ad comfort to the transaction. I know that many people hate looking under the hood of a car and hate to think that they may be ripped off. That is why I will be honest with you but ALWAYS encourage you to have any car checked out by a mechanic of YOUR choice before a purchase. I always allow my customers to take the car as many as 50 miles to have it looked at.

Warranties are a pretty easy item to purchase. For cars less that eight years old you can even get a full warranty that will cover every last inch of the car. For older cars it is more common to find a warranty that will cover mechanical items only. For a warranty on an average car you are looking at anywhere from $300 to $3,000. This all depends on the mileage, year, coverage, and deductible. Most warranties take effect after one month and 1,000 miles of purchase. For more pricing and policy information, please visit